Test Datasets

  • M282 - AGB( m282.tar.gz )
    This tar file contains the final model of an O-rich post-AGB star, IRAS 17436+5003 (HD 161796) presented in Meixner, Ueta, Bobrowsky, & Speck (2002, ApJ, 571, 936).This is provided so that you can play with the code without having to figure out the input parameters. However, the input parameters follow rather old version of the code.

  • C-rich post-AGB star: ( a051.tgz )
    IRAS 07134+1005 (HD 56126) presented in Meixner, Zalucha, Ueta, Fong, & Justtanont (2004, ApJ, 614 371). The input parameters follow the latest format.