Refereed Journal Papers

  • The code paper:
    2-Dust: a Radiative Transfer Code for an Axisymmetric System: Ueta, T., & Meixner, M. (2003, ApJ, 586, 1338) (ApJ online)

  • The Molecular and Dust Envelope of HD 56126: Meixner, M., Zalucha, A., Ueta, T., Fong, D., & Justtanont, K. (2004, ApJ, 614, 371)(ADS link)

  • The Dust Ring of LBV Candidate HD 168625: Infrared Observations and Model Calculations: O'Hara, T. B., Meixner, M., Speck, A. K., Ueta, T., & Bobrowsky, M. (2003, ApJ, 598, 1255) (ADS link)

  • Two Subclasses of Proto-Planetary Nebulae: Model Calculations: Meixner, M., Ueta, T., Bobrowsky, M., & Speck, A. K. (2002, ApJ, 571, 936) (ADS link)

  • Subarcsecond Mid-IR Structure of the Dust Shell around IRAS 22272+5435: Ueta, T., Meixner, M., Hinz, P. M., Hoffmann, W. F., Brandner, W., Dayal, A., Deutsch, L. K., Fazio, G. G., & Hora, J. L. (2001, ApJ, 557, 831) (ADS link)

  • Discovery of an Extended Dust Emission around IRAS 18576+0341 (AFGL 2298): a New Luminous Blue Variable Candidate?: Ueta, T., Meixner, M., Dayal, A., Deutsch, L. K., Fazio, G. G., Hora, J. L., & Hoffmann, W. F. (2001, ApJ, 548, 1020) (ADS link)

Conference Papers and Posters