• This code is publicly available and free to use as long as the code paper, A Dust Radiative Transfer Code for an Axisymmetric System by Ueta, T., & Meixner, M. (2003, Astrophysical Journal, 586, 1338) , is cited as a reference in work using the code.

  • If you would like to be informed of future updates, please contact Ueta( ) to be included in the mailing list.

  • If you need assistance with using the code, you can contact Ueta or Meixner to discuss possible collaborative projects.

The Logo

	LaTeX definitions of the logo

               (1) The "official" version: 

                         $\raisebox{0.3ex}{\mbox{{\sc 2-D}}}\kern-0.55em%
                         \raisebox{-0.3ex}{\mbox{{\sc Dust}}}$}
                   USAGE: {\twodust}

               (2) The "one-line" version: 

                       {\bf 2-D}{\sc ust}}

	           USAGE: {\twodustalt}